Glenmorangie 1981 Sauternes Wood Finish 46% 1981

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Distillery Glenmorangie
Bottler OB
Serie Sauternes Wood Finish
Bottled for X
Distilled date 1981
Bottling date 2002
Country Scotland
Region Highlands
Age 21
Cask Type Sauternes Wood Finish
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 46
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Wooden Case
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

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In the realm of single malt Scotch whisky, innovation and craftsmanship often converge to create expressions that transcend the ordinary. The Glenmorangie 1981 Sauternes Wood Finish, a predecessor to the acclaimed Nectar D'Or, stands as a testament to the distillery's commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring unique finishes. Distilled in 1981 and bottled in 2002, this exquisite expression spent 21 years maturing, with the final two years in premier cru Château d'Yquem casks—a limited edition offering of only 4,000 individually numbered bottles.

A Prelude to Nectar D'Or:

Long before the release of Glenmorangie's celebrated Nectar D'Or, the 1981 Sauternes Wood Finish laid the groundwork for the exploration of innovative wood finishes. Sauternes, a sweet wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France, imparts its distinctive character to the whisky, creating a harmonious blend of flavors that sets this expression apart.

Maturation and Sauternes Influence:

The journey of the Glenmorangie 1981 Sauternes Wood Finish began in 1981, and for 21 years, the spirit matured, evolving in the quiet depths of oak casks. The final two years saw a unique twist as the whisky was transferred to premier cru Château d'Yquem casks—a prestigious touch that added an extra layer of complexity and refinement.

Tasting Notes:

Pouring a dram of the Glenmorangie 1981 Sauternes Wood Finish reveals a radiant amber elixir, promising a sensory experience that transcends time. The nose is a delicate dance of honeyed sweetness, tropical fruits, and a hint of floral elegance. Apricots, peaches, and vanilla intertwine with the subtle influence of Sauternes, creating an olfactory symphony that invites exploration.

On the palate, the whisky unfolds with a velvety texture, delivering a burst of flavors that captivate the senses. The sweetness of honey, candied citrus, and ripe mango harmonizes with the rich influence of Sauternes, creating a palate that is both luscious and balanced. The Château d'Yquem cask contribution adds layers of complexity, revealing notes of oak, spice, and a gentle warmth.

The finish is a lingering caress of sweetness and sophistication, with the Sauternes wood finish leaving an enduring mark. Each sip is a celebration of the meticulous craftsmanship and innovative spirit that define Glenmorangie's approach to whisky-making.

Limited Edition Rarity:

With only 4,000 individually numbered bottles released, the Glenmorangie 1981 Sauternes Wood Finish is a rare and collectible gem. The limited availability enhances its desirability, making each bottle a cherished piece for enthusiasts seeking a unique and distinctive addition to their whisky collection.


The Glenmorangie 1981 Sauternes Wood Finish is not just a whisky; it's a journey through time and a celebration of innovation. As you savor each sip, you're transported to the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, where the sweet influence of Sauternes and the elegance of Château d'Yquem casks converge in a rare and exquisite expression. For those fortunate enough to acquire a bottle, it's not just a purchase; it's an investment in a moment, a connection to the pioneering spirit of Glenmorangie, and a toast to the timeless allure of Scotch whisky.

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