Glendronach 18 Years Old Prestonfield Highlander Cask 542-558 43% 1970

€ 909,09 (ex Vat)
1.100,00 (in Vat)

Glendronach 18 Years Old Prestonfield Highlander Cask 542-558 43% Low Neck 1970

ex Vat € 909,09
in Vat € 1.100,00
Volume 0,75l
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Distillery Glendronach
Bottler Signatory Vintage
Serie Prestonfield Highlander
Bottled for Prestonfield House, Edinburgh
Distilled date 20.02.1970
Bottling date 1988
Country Scotland
Region Highlands
Age 18
Cask Type Sherrywood
Cask Number 542 - 558
Alcohol percentage 43
Volume 0,75
Condition In Original Carton, Base of neck
Label Slightly bin soiled
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Glendronach 18 Years Old Prestonfield Highlander Cask 542-558

In the realm of fine Scotch whiskies, the Glendronach 18 Years Old Prestonfield Highlander Cask 542-558 stands as a testament to the artistry and craftsmanship of the distiller. Distilled on February 20, 1970, and bottled by Signatory Vintage exclusively for the prestigious Prestonfield House in Edinburgh, this undisclosed Glendronach has spent nearly two decades maturing on Sherrywood casks. As a vintage bottle, it not only exudes the essence of its time but also bears the mark of exclusivity. However, with the passage of time, the closure may have undergone changes, and careful handling during the opening is advised. Let's explore the characteristics of this unique whisky and uncover the sensory journey it offers.

Upon first encounter, the Glendronach 18 reveals a pretty and slightly camphorated nose. Despite its age, the aroma is light and airy, yet it possesses a captivating presence. The olfactory experience is marked by a delightful array of scents, including kirsch, plum, redcurrant, and a hint of honey cake. The whisky's character is notably greedy, enhanced by noble wood, wax, and varnish notes. A touch of light incense and a subtle floral side contribute to the complexity of the bouquet. With aeration, the nose evolves to reveal a hint of burnt caramel, akin to the allure of crème brûlée made with eggs.

As the whisky meets the palate, the fruity notes observed on the nose continue to unfold. Redcurrant, blackcurrant, plum, and cherry dominate the flavor profile, creating a harmonious symphony of rich, matured fruits. The wood becomes more pronounced on the palate, accompanied by the lingering essence of wax. Chocolate and light coffee notes add depth, complemented by a subtle infusion of cinnamon. The taste journey is a refined exploration of the whisky's complex maturation process, offering a balanced interplay between fruitiness and the influence of Sherrywood.

The Glendronach 18 culminates with a somewhat short finish characterized by red fruits and wood. A delicate touch of smoke, reminiscent of a fine cigar, graces the tail end of the experience. The finish encapsulates the essence of the whisky's journey, leaving behind a nuanced and lingering memory on the palate.

The Glendronach 18 Years Old Prestonfield Highlander Cask 542-558, bottled by Signatory Vintage for the exclusive clientele of Prestonfield House, Edinburgh, is a rare gem that encapsulates the elegance of a bygone era. With its intricate nose, fruity palate, and a finish that evokes the sophistication of a well-aged whisky, this vintage offering is a collector's dream. As with any aged bottle, caution should be exercised during the opening, as the closure may have undergone changes over the years. Sold as described, this undisclosed Glendronach remains a testament to the enduring legacy of Scottish distillation craftsmanship.

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