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A beautiful Speyside single malt whisky, best characterized for its fruity and fresh savors enriched with brine and wax in the nose, Clynelish Single Malt Whisky is predominantly released by independent bottlers, such as the Clynelish 21 Years Old Signatory Vintage. One of the most sought-after distillery bottlings is the core range Clynelish 14 Years Old, the counterpart of the extraordinary Clynelish 1972 Rare Malt Selection, much desired by collectors.


Established in 1968, the Clynelish Distillery is a definitely a stranger in the midst considering its relatively short lifespan, but as far as the Clynelish brand name concerns, there is no question of being wet behind its ears. The Clynelish Distillery was originally established as a sister company of its (then eponymous) neighboring Brora Distillery, which was founded by the Duke of Sutherland as early as in 1819. Around the midst of the 20th century the Brora Distillery (still bearing the name of Clynelish at that time) expanded beyond its limits and a sister distillery was built only a few yards away. Unfortunately, the global decrease in the demand for whisky didn’t pass by both Clynelish Distilleries, and the old Clynelish distillery was shut down. After a few years the old Clynelish was re-opened and re-named as Brora, by which it passed the brand name’s torch to its former sister distillery.


The new Clynelish Distillery (not Brora) on its turn was purchased by its current owner Diageo and exceeded all expectations, establishing a name on the international whisky market with a large fan base, including Serge Valentin.

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Clynelish • 22 Years Silver Seal Gaetano Donizetti Elisir d'amore Cask:7562 51.7% 1993 0,70 89 2 € 315,00 € 381,15
Clynelish • Select Reserve Limited Release 2015 56.1% NV 0,70 90 1 € 465,00 € 562,65
Clynelish • Select Reserve Special Release 2014 54.9% NAS 0,70 88 6 € 437,00 € 528,77