Longrow Peated 2023 Edition 46% NV

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Distillery Springbank
Bottler OB
Serie Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky
Bottled for
Distilled date NV
Bottling date 01.09.2023
Country Scotland
Region Campbeltown
Cask Type Bourbon and Sherry
Cask Number Bottle code 23/176
Alcohol percentage 46
Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect
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Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect
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Longrow Peated 2023 Edition: A Smoky Delight from Campbeltown

In the world of Scotch whisky, few regions evoke as much excitement and intrigue as Campbeltown. Known for its rich history, traditional craftsmanship, and distinctive flavor profiles, Campbeltown produces some of the most sought-after single malts in the world. The Longrow Peated 2023 Edition, bottled on the 13th of June 2023 as part of the Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky Series with the bottle code 23/117, is a prime example of the region's prowess. This expression showcases the allure of peated whisky and the unique character of Longrow, a brand produced at the Springbank Distillery.

Longrow: A Peated Jewel

Longrow, one of the three brands produced at the renowned Springbank Distillery, is celebrated for its peated whisky. The distillery's commitment to traditional methods, including floor malting their own barley, adds depth and complexity to their peated expressions. Longrow's dedication to crafting smoky whiskies makes it a standout choice for lovers of peat.

Bottled Brilliance

The Longrow Peated 2023 Edition is a testament to the distillery's skill in creating memorable peated whisky. Bottled at 46% ABV, it strikes a balance between approachability and depth. The whisky is a celebration of the peat's influence on the spirit, offering a smoky, robust flavor profile that sets it apart.

Tasting Notes

1. Color: In the glass, the Longrow Peated 2023 Edition reveals a pale golden hue, hinting at its youthfulness and the promise of peat.

2. Nose: The nose is an invitation to the world of peat, with prominent aromas of earthy smoke, campfire embers, and a subtle coastal brininess. There are also hints of citrus zest and a touch of vanilla in the background.

3. Palate: The first sip is a burst of flavor. The peat smoke takes center stage, delivering a bold and smoky character reminiscent of bonfires on the beach. As you explore further, there are notes of grilled meats, iodine, and a hint of caramel sweetness that balances the intensity.

4. Finish: The finish is long and satisfying, with the smokiness gradually giving way to a warm, lingering sweetness, leaving a lasting impression.

A Rare Find

The Longrow Peated 2023 Edition is a limited release, with only 117 bottles available, each bearing the unique bottle code 23/117. This rarity makes it a treasure sought after by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Every bottle represents a piece of Campbeltown's whisky heritage and Longrow's dedication to crafting exceptional peated whisky.


The Longrow Peated 2023 Edition is a testament to the allure of Campbeltown's whisky culture and the skill of the Springbank Distillery. Its bold peat character, balanced with subtle sweetness and complexity, makes it a must-try for fans of smoky Scotch whisky. Whether you're already captivated by the world of peat or looking to embark on a smoky adventure, this edition promises an unforgettable journey through the distinctive flavors of Campbeltown. Grab a bottle if you have the chance, and savor the essence of peat from one of Scotland's most renowned distilleries.

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