Glen Scotia 6 Years Old Exclusive Casks Specially Seleced for the Netherlands 56.8% 2016

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Distillery Glen Scotia
Bottler OB
Serie Exclusive Casks
Bottled for The Netherlands
Distilled date 2016
Bottling date 2022
Country Scotland
Region Campbeltown
Age 6
Cask Type First Fill Oloroso Hogsheads
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 56.8
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Container
Label Perfect
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A Dutch Delight from Campbeltown

Glen Scotia, a distillery nestled in the picturesque town of Campbeltown, has been making waves in the whisky world with its exceptional releases. Among their latest offerings is the Glen Scotia 6 Years Old Exclusive Casks, specially selected for the Netherlands. This limited edition whisky, bottled at a robust 56.8% ABV, showcases the meticulous cask composition chosen by De Monnik Dranken, a renowned Dutch spirits retailer. With a combination of first-fill Oloroso sherry hogsheads and first-fill bourbon casks, this expression promises a captivating taste experience while staying true to Campbeltown's unique character.

Cask Selection and Maturation:

The Glen Scotia 6 Years Old Exclusive Casks begins its journey in first-fill bourbon casks, where it matures and develops its foundational flavors. After this initial maturation, the whisky undergoes a fascinating marriage period in Oloroso sherry casks for a duration of 9-12 months. This infusion of Oloroso sherry imparts distinctive aromas and flavors to the whisky, while still retaining the hallmark characteristics of Campbeltown whiskies. The careful selection and combination of casks result in a well-balanced and complex expression.

Tasting Notes:

The Glen Scotia 6 Years Old Exclusive Casks delights the senses with its enticing aromas and flavors:

Color: Amber
On the eye, this whisky reveals a rich amber hue, a testament to its maturation in carefully chosen casks.

Flavor: Creamy Vanilla, Salty Caramel, and Fresh Sea Air
The nose is greeted by luscious notes of creamy vanilla, accompanied by a hint of salty caramel. The whisky also carries a subtle undertone reminiscent of the fresh sea air that surrounds the coastal town of Campbeltown.

Taste: Fresh Red Fruit and Sherry Influences
On the palate, the whisky unveils a delightful burst of fresh red fruit, complemented by the presence of vanilla and the captivating influence of the Oloroso sherry casks. The interplay between the bourbon and sherry casks creates a warming and spicy character that adds depth to the overall experience.

Finish: A Warm Glow of Spices
The finish is a satisfying crescendo, leaving a lingering warmth on the palate with a medley of various spices, inviting another sip.


The Glen Scotia 6 Years Old Exclusive Casks is a testament to the dedication and craftsmanship of the distillers at Glen Scotia. This limited edition release, carefully selected for the Netherlands, showcases the resurgence of Campbeltown as a premier whisky region. With its intriguing cask composition and distinct flavor profile, this whisky exemplifies the spirit of Campbeltown while offering whisky enthusiasts a captivating taste experience.

Please note: The Glen Scotia 6 Years Old Exclusive Casks is a limited edition release, and availability may be limited.

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