Whiskies from Glen Scotia

Glen Scotia

A loyal representative of Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky, the Glen Scotia Distillery is all about the production of high-quality whiskies, such as the Glen Scotia 15 Years Old and the Glen Scotia Samaroli Sherry Cask.


The legacy all started in 1832, when Stewart Galbraith established the Glen Scotia Distillery nearby its neighboring -and competing Springbank Distillery. It was one of the many distilleries established in the successful city of Campbeltown. The Galbraith family remained at the helm of Glen Scotia for a little less than a century, until it was acquired by West Highland Malt Distilleries Ltd. (WHMD), which was a new formed cooperation of whisky distilleries and investors. During this particular period of time, the whisky industry of Campbeltown, the once called “whisky capital in the world” was suffering from a setback due to the Great Depression and the overproduction of single malt whisky. This eventually led to the bankruptcy of this new company.


Duncan MacCallum from the WHMD bravely decided to take full command of the Glen Scotia Distillery in attempt to save the distillery from its unfortunate fate, however this wasn’t as successful as he hoped it would be. In 1928 McCallum was forced to shut down the Glen Scotia Distillery and two years later he committed suicide by drowning himself in the Campbeltown Loch, which was the water source used for the production of Glen Scotia Single Malt. Despite for all these sad events that had took place, the Glen Scotia Distillery was acquired in that very same year by Block Brothers Distillers Ltd., and production resumed in 1933. The following years, the distillery changed ownership multiple times, under which Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd.


Finally, the Loch Lomond Group took full ownership of the distillery and managed to expand and secure the bright future of Glen Scotia, one of the only three remaining operating distilleries in Campbeltown!

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Glen Scotia

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