Lagg Kilmory Edition NV

€ 37,15 (ex Vat)
44,95 (in Vat)

Lagg Kilmory Edition In Original Box NV

ex Vat € 37,15
in Vat € 44,95
Volume 0,70l
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Distillery Lagg
Bottler OB
Serie Kilmory Edition
Bottled for
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 28.06.2023
Country Scotland
Region Arran
Age 3
Cask Type ex-Bourbon Barrel
Cask Number Bottlecode: L2 28 06 23
Alcohol percentage 46
Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

Malt Fascination (88)

This comes at 50 PPM and that is obviously something you pick up. It has a lemony feel and whiffs of dry blooming heather. There is a distinct floral note that dominates, whereas with (for instance) Lagavulin you pick up more coastal notes. According to the information on the box the peat is sourced in North East Scotland. So, more inland peat than a sea influenced peat? The nose seems to confirm this. Delicious, by the way.

Stunning! Truly stunning. It is shockingly mature for a whisky that cannot be much older than 3 years. Oily, mouth covering, and a warming classic peat taste, with indeed citrus influences and smoky chocolate. I rather liked the Inaugural Release from September 2022 but this seems to push boundaries even further. With a few more sips you (finally) get a more medicinal note. Water brings out a sugary sweetness which adds complexity.

Soft and warming. Extremely balanced. With water more medicinal. No off notes at all. Reminiscent of Laggan Mill bottlings and the official 8 Years Old by Lagavulin. Mission accomplished.

For lovers of clean and young peated whisky. But more broadly this is a wonderfully constructed modern single malt whisky. An afterthought I feel I must share, is a comment that was given on my tasting notes for Maltfascination about Wolfburn 10 Years Old. An underwhelming whisky, and raising the question if new(ish) distilleries are not walking into a trap. The trap of making whisky that reaches high level quality after just a few years of maturation, but then experiencing a flat curve after like 8 to 10 years. I wonder how this Lagg will develop, because I am really blown away by the maturity and quality of the product already. Where will longer maturation take this single malt?

Words of Whisky (84)

The Lagg Kilmory Edition doesn't hide its youth, but that's never a detriment.
Hints of charred pear skin. Although I’ve never smelled the latter, that’s what the Kilmory Edition invoked. Touches of charred lemons and something floral as well. And let’s not forget the fresh hints of vegetal peat and banana peels. It’s young, but balanced and not necessarily immature.
Good oily texture, but I’ve come to expect that. Notes of porridge, but if you could make it with peat-smoked oats. Plenty of citrus, some crushed mint, pepper and ashes. Also just a touch of green olives. Clean, but not straightforward per se.
Medium length. Hints of lemons, some apple peel and wood smoke. Some white pepper too.

Whisky Notes (83)

Nose: very young, almost mezcal really. Lots of vegetal peat, alongside heather smoke. Clean lemony notes on top (juice and peels). Then some white flowers and vanilla. Fresh, rather simple but pretty flawless too.

Mouth: still a bit of a raw sooty profile with echoes of mezcal, but already showing a nice oily texture and some rounder notes too. Citrus and vanilla, with a certain creaminess. White pepper, charred wood and earthy notes. Subtle hints of dark chocolate in the background. Then a herbal and lightly medicinal edge as well.

Finish: medium long, with warm smoky notes and herbal touches.

This is probably as good as it gets after 3 years of ageing. You know, peated spirit is nicer to drink at a young age than unpeated spirit, so no need to use STR casks and fancy finishes to make this seem more mature. Overall a successful introduction to Lagg distillery, and obviously this is only the beginning.

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