Lagg Corriecravie Edition 55% 2019

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Distillery Lagg
Bottler OB
Serie Corriecravie Edition
Bottled for
Distilled date 2019
Bottling date 04.07.2023
Country Scotland
Region Arran
Cask Type Sherry Cask Finish
Cask Number Bottle code L2 04 07 23 14:41 QAS
Alcohol percentage 50
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Box
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

BOW (87)

Lagg Corriecravie Edition: A Symphony of Smoke and Sherry from the Isle of Arran

Nestled on the picturesque Isle of Arran, the Lagg Distillery has become a beacon for whisky enthusiasts seeking bold and innovative expressions. Among their notable releases, the Lagg Corriecravie Edition, bottled at 55% and finished in sherry casks, stands out as a testament to the distillery's commitment to pushing the boundaries of flavor. Released on the 4th of July 2023, this edition promises a unique journey into the world of peated whiskies and sherry cask maturation.

The Lagg Distillery Legacy:

Founded in 2019, the Lagg Distillery is the younger sibling of the renowned Isle of Arran Distillers. While its older counterpart focuses on unpeated expressions, Lagg has made a name for itself with its peated whiskies, showcasing a different facet of the Arran whisky profile. The Corriecravie Edition is a fine example of Lagg's dedication to craftsmanship and innovation.

Sherry Cask Finish:

The allure of the Corriecravie Edition lies not only in its peated character but also in its sherry cask finish. After maturing in traditional oak casks, the whisky undergoes a transformative period in sherry casks. This second maturation imparts depth, richness, and a tapestry of flavors that intertwine with the signature Lagg peat smoke. Sherry cask finishes are known for adding notes of dried fruits, nuttiness, and a luxurious sweetness to the whisky, creating a harmonious balance with the robust peat influence.

Tasting Notes:

At a robust 55% alcohol by volume, the Corriecravie Edition demands attention from the moment it's poured. The nose is a captivating blend of maritime peat, brine, and the sweet allure of sherry-soaked fruits. On the palate, layers of complexity unfold—bold peat smoke mingles with dark chocolate, dried figs, and a hint of warm spices. The higher alcohol content amplifies the intensity of the experience, providing a full-bodied and satisfying dram. The finish is long and lingering, leaving traces of smoky sweetness on the palate.

Bottled on Independence Day:

Released on the 4th of July 2023, the Corriecravie Edition adds a touch of celebration to its character. Bottled on Independence Day, this expression embodies the spirit of freedom and exploration that defines the Lagg Distillery's approach to whisky-making.

Limited Edition Rarity:

As with many of Lagg's releases, the Corriecravie Edition is a limited edition, with a finite number of bottles available. Whisky enthusiasts and collectors alike are drawn to the exclusivity of such releases, making each bottle a prized possession.


The Lagg Corriecravie Edition, bottled at 55% and finished in sherry casks, is a remarkable offering from the Isle of Arran. It weaves together the distinctive elements of peat smoke and sherry cask influence, creating a whisky that is both bold and nuanced. As you raise a glass of this limited edition expression, you embark on a sensory journey that encapsulates the essence of Lagg Distillery's commitment to innovation and craftsmanship on the Isle of Arran.

Serge Valentin (86)

Six months in oloroso sherry from Bodega Jose & Miguel Martin's. Corriecravie's got nothing to do with the Corrywreckan. Colour: deep gold. Nose: on the nose, those bitter apples combine extremely well with the sherry's usual walnuts and with the distillate's heavy smoke. Roasted pecans and walnuts all over the place, that's absolutely lovely, and unexpectedly balanced. With water: a sweet earthiness is rising… Mouth (neat): great fun here, nothing being normal or 'usual' or whatever. We're between tequila and genever, with a heavy, ashy smokiness once more, touches of aquavit (a lot of caraway) and a lot of myrtle and eucalyptus. Very fat body too, very extractive drop. With water: no need to add much water, the wood would tend to come fight the smoke a wee bit. Finish: very long, this time with some notes of earth tea, old pu-her style. Bitter oranges in the aftertaste. Comments: a lot of action in this one, and a style that I had never encountered before. Peated genever ;-). Lovely!

Whisky Notes (84)

Nose: walnuts, apples and redcurrants stand out, with a fairly dry, slightly dusty and vegetal kind of peat. Light whiffs of lacquered meat. Hazelnuts and blackberries appear. Then light mentholy notes, whiffs of iodine and earthy peppercorns.

Mouth: fairly thick and oily. Plenty of toffee notes, with milk chocolate and cherry sweetness. It quickly becomes drier and ashier, again showing light meaty undertones. Some wood spice, like cinnamon, ginger and clove. There’s also a grainy sharpness to it that I associate with other types of spirit. Obviously young.

Finish: fairly long, with more nutty dryness, dusty ash and hints of bitter chocolate.

Maybe a little rough around the edges, especially on the palate, but still a very nice result for this youngster. Richer and more complex than Kilmory in my opinion, with the same nice texture.

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