Millstone 7 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 2636 53% 2016

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Distillery Zuidam Distillery
Bottler Dràm Mòr
Bottled for
Distilled date 2016
Bottling date 2023
Country Netherlands
Region Baarle-Nassau
Age 7
Cask Type First Fill Oloroso Hogshead
Cask Number 2636
Alcohol percentage 53
Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

BOW (87.50)

Millstone 7 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 2636: A Dutch Symphony, Bottled by Dràm Mòr

In the quaint town of Baarle-Nassau, Netherlands, where tradition and craftsmanship converge, the Zuidam Distillery stands as a beacon of excellence. Among its illustrious creations, the Millstone 7 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 2636 emerges as a true embodiment of Dutch distilling artistry. What makes this release even more intriguing is that it has been bottled in 2023 by the Scottish independent bottler Dràm Mòr, adding a touch of Celtic magic to this Dutch gem.

Zuidam Distillery: The Birthplace of Millstone Magic

The story begins in 2016 when the spirit for Cask 2636 was carefully distilled at the Zuidam Distillery. Founded in the 1970s, this family-owned distillery has earned a reputation for its unwavering commitment to traditional methods and the use of premium ingredients. As the heart of Millstone whiskies, Zuidam Distillery infuses each drop with the essence of Dutch craftsmanship.

Dràm Mòr: Scottish Prowess in Independent Bottling

Fast forward to 2023, and the Millstone 7 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 2636 takes a detour to Scotland. Here, the skilled artisans at Dràm Mòr, a distinguished independent bottler, take charge of the maturation journey. This collaboration between Dutch distillation and Scottish bottling expertise promises a whisky experience that transcends borders and traditions.

Maturation Elegance in a First Fill Oloroso Hogshead

The heart of this whisky's character lies in its maturation within a First Fill Oloroso Hogshead. The choice of cask is no mere coincidence; it's a deliberate decision to infuse the spirit with the bold and captivating flavors of Oloroso sherry. The "First Fill" designation ensures that the cask imparts its full, unbridled character to the whisky, resulting in a symphony of rich, fruity, and spicy notes that define the Millstone 7 Years Old.

Tasting Notes: A Symphony Unfolds

As you bring the glass to your lips, the 53% ABV announces itself boldly. The first sip reveals a complex tapestry of flavors—dried fruits, figs, and a subtle nuttiness dance in harmony. The seven years of maturation in the Oloroso Hogshead have bestowed upon this dram a delightful interplay of sweet and spicy elements. Vanilla and cinnamon mingle with a touch of dark chocolate, creating a palate that is as nuanced as it is satisfying.

Limited Yield: 330 Bottles of Rarity

The Millstone 7 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 2636 is not just a whisky; it's a collector's item. With only 330 bottles produced, each one represents a piece of an exclusive experience. The rarity of this release adds to its allure, making it a coveted addition to any discerning whisky enthusiast's collection.

In Conclusion

The Millstone 7 Years Old Dràm Mòr Cask 2636 is more than a whisky; it's a collaboration of nations, a fusion of Dutch craftsmanship and Scottish bottling finesse. As you savor the intricacies of each sip, you embark on a journey through time and terroir. This is not just a whisky; it's a testament to the international language of fine spirits, where borders dissolve, and the art of whisky unites cultures and traditions.

Serge Valentin (90)

Zuidam's Millstones, although sometimes extreme and even shocking, are just like any Frank Zappa recordings, never boring. Colour: full gold. Nose: a large pack of Werther's Originals, a box of Xmas toffees, a kilogram of liquorice rolls, some sticky toffee pudding, some Nescafé and a box of thin mints (After Eights). With water: no changes, perhaps a little more black turon here and there, roasted peanuts, thicker maple syrup… Mouth (neat): insane coffee, chocolate and liquorice, all mingled together. Plus a drop of mint oil, then a growing saltiness, very spectacular. No Bruges lace, so to speak, but the job is done and very well done. With water: there, more salty touches, bouillons, soups, Thai things, Vietnamese stuff, Indonesian food… All of this is perfectly tuned and then leads to more pepper. Finish: long and rather peppery indeed. Sweeter and meatier aspects are back in the aftertaste. Chocolate. Comments: It's just the opposite of the Smögens or Kornogs in terms of style, but I find this totally baroque and extroverted side simply fantastic. Excellent choice, Dràm Mor. Extra points just because of this baroque side. Zappa playing baroque, that would have had a certain charm.

Malt Fascination (88)

It’s quite typical for a Millstone from the start. There’s a lot of chocolate-y goodness happening. There’s oak and quite some spiciness. Orange fruitiness and some dark, crusty bread. I get notes of star fruit and green apples too, with a hint of mocha.

The palate has a bit of bite, but not too much. Some chili and tree bark, cinnamon sticks and cocoa powder. It’s rather dry, with a note of brown sugar, brittle caramel and apple pie. It’s not overly sweet, but there are some notes of pastry. The notes of dark bread are still here, but less pronounced.

The finish is quite rich, but the dryness is there too. The bite initially increases, before settling down to apple pie, and other baked fruits. Brittle caramel, with pulpy oak lingering very long. Some cocoa, vanilla and a minor note of tonka bean.

While this is less similar to a Rye whisky than a Millstone I tried recently, it still is very typical for the distillery from Baarle-Nassau. All the flavors are there, with the combination of chocolate and oranges, and the sharper notes of dark bread all combining nicely. For me it’s not scoring 90, but it sure is scoring well within range of ‘I am glad I got myself a bottle’!

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