Shinshu Mars Yakushima Aging 2021 56% NV

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Distillery Shinshu Mars
Bottler OB
Serie Yakushima Aging
Bottled for
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2021
Country Japan
Region Japan
Cask Type
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 56
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Box
Label Perfect
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This is the 4th bottling produced at Shinshu Distillery and matured on Yakushima Island. This beautiful island has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1993. The climate is tropical warm with high humidity. It is said: "it rains 35 days a month". Surrounded by the beautiful nature on the island, including cedar forests, rivers and the sea, the whisky has been given a unique flavor profile.
Tasting Notes:
Nose: Dominant notes of banana. A touch of white smoke, dried fruit and soft notes of tobacco and butter.
Taste: Soft touch of orange, milk chocolate and sea salt. Then refined notes of dashi (Japanese broth) and licorice.
Finish: Refreshing and a lingering peaty finish.

Shinshu Mars - Yakushima Aging 2021 56% NV

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