Nagahama Mizunara Cask 192 51.1% 2017

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Distillery Nagahama
Bottler OB
Serie Mizunara Cask
Bottled for
Distilled date 30.06.2017
Bottling date 07.07.2021
Country Japan
Region Japan
Age 4
Cask Type Mizunara Cask
Cask Number 192
Alcohol percentage 51.1
Volume 0,5
Condition In Original Box
Label Perfect

Professional reviews

BOW (90)

We have received a very special Japanese whisky in our warehouse, from the smallest distillery in Japan: the Nagahama Distillery.

The Nagahama Distillery is located in a beautiful setting on the edge of Lake Biwa, Japan's largest lake.

This is where the Nagahama Distillery started producing whisky in 2016. They produce Single Malt Whiskies and blends here, where the whisky is aged in the climate of the Nagahama area.
The locals also call this place “Sanctuary with flowers and botanicals”. The 1,377-foot mountain, Mt. Ibuki, ensures a different climate per season and extreme temperature fluctuations. The water used in producing the whisky divers from Mt. Ibuki and is very rich in minerals.

Nagahama is inspired by the new wave of small-scale and craft distilleries, such as the Scottish distilleries Strathearn and Eden Mill. The distillery's authenticity lies in the still: it is the smallest still in Japan called Aranbic (due to its shape reminiscent of Arab architecture), situated in a room of only 26m2.

Master blender Takashi Kiyoi and distiller Yusuke Yahisa have created this single malt whisky using a portion of peated barley. The whisky then matured in a Mizunara (Japanese oak) barrel.

Tasting Notes:
Nose: Soft with notes of maple syrup. Then a smoky aroma of peat with notes of cloves.
Taste: Creamy and soft, like butter. Then dry and more wood with a slight bitterness from the Mizanura cask in combination with a smoky twist.
Finish: Well balanced with a soft-smoky finish.

Nagahama - Mizunara Cask 192 51.1% 2017

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