Miyagikyo 1990 Single Cask 36385 Warehouse #22 61% 1990

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Distillery Miyagikyo
Bottler OB
Serie Single Cask Warehouse #22
Bottled for
Distilled date 16.01.1990
Bottling date 13.07.2009
Country Japan
Region Japan
Age 19
Cask Type Refill Butt
Cask Number 36385
Alcohol percentage 61
Volume 0,70
Condition No original container included
Label Perfect
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Miyagikyo, a renowned Japanese distillery, has been synonymous with exceptional whisky craftsmanship for decades. Among its impressive lineup, the Miyagikyo 19 Years Old Single Cask 36385 Warehouse #22 stands out as a remarkable expression. This limited edition whisky takes whisky enthusiasts on a journey through time, offering a glimpse into the meticulous artistry and aging process of Miyagikyo. In this article, we explore the intriguing qualities and remarkable tasting experience that the Miyagikyo 19 Years Old Single Cask 36385 Warehouse #22 has to offer.

A Testament to Maturation:
The Miyagikyo 19 Years Old Single Cask 36385 Warehouse #22 is a testament to the power of time and careful maturation. Distilled on January 16, 1990, and bottled on July 13, 2009, this whisky has undergone a patient aging process in Warehouse #22. Over the course of 19 years, it has developed a complex and sophisticated flavor profile, showcasing the influence of time and the interaction with the oak cask.

Tasting Notes:
This single cask expression offers a symphony of flavors that unfold on the palate. The high alcohol content of 61% amplifies the intensity of the experience. The initial notes are a combination of rich honey and sweet vanilla, enveloping the taste buds in a velvety embrace. As the whisky develops, layers of fruity flavors emerge, with hints of ripe orchard fruits and a touch of citrus zest. Undertones of oak and gentle spice add depth and complexity, leading to a lingering finish with a pleasant warmth.

Warehouse #22 and Miyagikyo Distillery:
Warehouse #22, where the Miyagikyo 19 Years Old Single Cask 36385 was aged, holds a significant place in the heart of Miyagikyo Distillery. This warehouse provides the ideal environment for maturing whisky, with stable temperature and humidity levels that contribute to the development of unique flavors. It is within these walls that the whisky undergoes its transformative journey, gaining character and complexity over the years.

Collectability and Rarity:
The Miyagikyo 19 Years Old Single Cask 36385 Warehouse #22 is highly sought after by collectors and whisky enthusiasts alike. With only a limited number of bottles available, each one becomes a precious treasure to be cherished. The rarity of this expression, combined with its exceptional quality, makes it a prized addition to any whisky collection.

The Miyagikyo 19 Years Old Single Cask 36385 Warehouse #22 is a whisky that encapsulates the essence of time, maturation, and craftsmanship. With its rich and complex flavors, carefully aged in Warehouse #22, it offers a truly remarkable tasting experience. Whether enjoyed neat or with a splash of water to unlock its nuances, this limited edition expression from Miyagikyo invites whisky enthusiasts to embark on a journey through time, savoring the culmination of years of dedication and expertise.

Indulge in the extraordinary Miyagikyo 19 Years Old Single Cask 36385 Warehouse #22, and allow its flavors to transport you to the heart of Japanese whisky craftsmanship.

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