Karuizawa 42 Years Old 1968 Vintage Single Cask Malt Whisky 6955 61.1% 1968

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Distillery Karuizawa
Bottler OB
Serie Vintage Single Cask Malt Whisky
Bottled for La Maison du Whisky
Distilled date 1968
Bottling date 17.06.2010
Country Japan
Region Japan
Age 42
Cask Type Sherry Butt
Cask Number 6955
Alcohol percentage 61.1
Volume 0,70
Condition In Orginal Box, Damaged wax seal
Label Perfect
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Karuizawa 42 Years Old 1968 Vintage Single Cask Malt Whisky: A Testament to Timeless Craftsmanship

Karuizawa distillery, a now-closed and demolished gem from Japan, holds an iconic status in the world of whisky. With its rich history and legendary spirits, Karuizawa has become a symbol of excellence and rarity. Among the remaining treasures from this esteemed distillery, the Karuizawa 42 Years Old 1968 Vintage Single Cask Malt Whisky is a shining example of the extraordinary quality that was produced during its operation.

Distilled in 1968 and carefully nurtured over four decades, this exceptional expression was finally bottled on 17th June 2010 for La Maison du Whisky, a renowned curator of fine spirits. It is a testament to the craftsmanship and dedication that went into every aspect of Karuizawa's whisky-making process.

Matured in a Sherry Butt cask, this 42-year-old single malt showcases the depth of character and complexity that has made Karuizawa so highly revered. With a robust ABV of 61.1%, it packs a punch while offering a symphony of flavors and aromas that captivate the senses.

On the nose, the Karuizawa 42 Years Old reveals an opulent bouquet of dried fruits, rich oak, and a hint of spice. The palate is an indulgence of velvety smoothness, with layers of dark chocolate, figs, and raisins intertwining with notes of leather and tobacco. The long, lingering finish leaves a warm and satisfying sensation, inviting you to savor every last drop.

Each bottle of Karuizawa whisky is a precious relic, a testament to the distillery's legacy and the mastery of its craftsmen. As the distillery itself no longer exists, these limited releases offer a glimpse into the past, preserving the essence of a bygone era in every sip.

For whisky enthusiasts and collectors, acquiring a bottle of Karuizawa 42 Years Old 1968 Vintage Single Cask Malt Whisky is a coveted prize. Its rarity, exceptional quality, and historical significance make it a true gem in any whisky collection.

As we raise a glass to the memory of Karuizawa distillery, let us appreciate the legacy it has left behind and celebrate the exquisite spirits that continue to captivate whisky connoisseurs around the world.

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