Karuizawa 30 years Old Vintage Single Cask 8173 58.5% Slightly dented box, back label slighly damaged 1984

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Distillery Karuizawa
Bottler OB
Serie Vintage Single Cask Malt Whisky
Bottled for X
Distilled date 04.1984
Bottling date 04.2014
Country Japan
Region Japan
Age 30
Cask Type Ex-Bourbon Cas
Cask Number 8173
Alcohol percentage 58.5
Volume 0,70
Condition In original Box
Stock 0

Professionele reviews

Serge Valentin (92)

Colour: dark amber.

Nose: a pretty magnificent woodiness here, that is to say not only polished oak, but also other species, such as eucalyptus wood and many precious woods, but I just couldn’t tell you which ones. Maybe rosewood? I imagine the interior of a 1950’s Rolls Royce when it was brand new (maybe!) Other than that, there’s a little smoke, there’s tobacco for sure and there’s a faint chalkiness. I also find dry sherry, or vin jaune, as well as their walnut notes. Also a little humus and mushrooms. Perfect. One strawberry or two after ten minutes. With water: the menthol comes out, old herbal liqueurs, verbena, chartreuse… This is almost a blend of essential oils. Having said that it gets much quieter after just one minute.

Mouth (neat): huge and incredibly fruity! You would think that this massive woodiness would overwhelm the spirit and just make the whole extremely dry, while that’s exactly what’s not happening. We’re gravitating around sweeter citrus, that is to say kumquats, oranges and mandarins, covered with crushed cloves and ground pepper. Christmassy? You said it. With water: same profile, just even more vivid and ‘nervous’. Perfect oranges.

Finish: long, never embarrassingly oak, always fresh albeit massive. The hidden child of a sumotori and a ballerina.

Comments: I think I found this one ampler and more complex than other ex-bourbon Karuizawas. We’re close to the best sherried versions in my opinion.

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