Chichibu Tay Bak Chiang Her Full set Chichibu & Hanyu 2009-2010

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Distillery Hanyu, Chichibu
Bottler OB
Serie Tay Bak Chiang Series full set
Bottled for La Maison du Whisky
Distilled date 2009, 2010
Bottling date 2014
Country Japan
Region Japan
Cask Type Oak and bourbon casks
Cask Number 957, 641, 651
Alcohol percentage 59.9, 61.7, 61,6
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Box
Label Perfect

Professional reviews

BOW (91)

Full Set of the Tay Bak Chiang series, containing;

- Hanyu 2000 Tay Bak Chiang 2010- Her Eyebrow cask 957 59.9%

- Chichibu 2009
Tay Bak Chiang -In The Mood For Love cask 641 61.7%

- Chichibu 2010 Tay Bak Chiang -Night Owl cask 651 61.6%

This set is sold in its entirety and not top-divided!

Extra pictures are availble upon request.

Serge Valentin (88)

Chichibu 2009/2014 'In the Mood for Love:

Chichibu’s located not too far from Tokyo or say right between Karuizawa and Tokyo. I find the label totally lovely, very MoMA circa 1985. Colour: pale gold. Nose: this one’s whistle-clean after the Mars that, after due reconsideration, was rather fat on the nose. Goes more towards aromatic herbs, eucalyptus, then roots and broken branches. Something beautifully medicinal arises, around ‘natural’ antiseptic, old embrocations and whatnot. With water: crystal-clean smoky and mineral Pouilly-Fumé, then vanilla pods. Mouth (neat): bang! Huge, smoky and mentholated. Punches you right between your eyes, and only a few sweeter notes of tinned oranges and pineapples manage to heal you a bit. Aww… With water: touches of fruity bourbon, then smoky grapefruits and liquorice, then… I’d swear there’s a little macha tea. A touch of coconut too. Finish: quite long, clean, perfectly balanced. Lemony/smoky aftertaste. Comments: quite loved the Mars, love this rightly arty malt even more. Great work Ichiro-san.

Chichibu - Tay Bak Chiang Her Full set Chichibu & Hanyu 2009-2010

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