Akkeshi Distillery The Akkeshi Usui 24 Solar term series 48% NV

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Distillery Akkeshi Distillery
Bottler OB
Serie 24 Solar term series- 2nd release
Bottled for Japan, Japanese Backlabel
Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 2021
Country Japan
Region Japan
Cask Type Bourbon - Sherry - Mizunara - Wine
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 48
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Box
Label Perfect

Professional reviews

BOW (89)

The Akkeshi distillery started its search for a new, unique and unsurpassed Japanese whisky in 2016. in the countryside in the north of Japan, an untouched area with pure clean air, rich peat soils and thick salt mist from the sea, the island Hokkaido appears, the ideal location for making the dream of making a Japanese whisky.
This Akkeshi special edition is in honor of the 24 seasons in Japan.
The Akkeshi Usui is the first blended whiskey of this Japanese distillery located on the island of Hokkaido.
A blend of single malts from Akkeshi containing at least three aged for years, supplemented with imported new make spirits that have matured in Japan and a small little imported grain whisky.
It is the second release in a long series that is inspired by the Japanese sekki calendar which is
scheduled in 24 seasons during the year. Each new release will have the name of the season
where the bottling took place. The Usui is bottled in
2021 at 48%.
Tasting note:
Nose: Fruity with lots of citrus, raisins and cocoa powder
with some peat smoke.
Taste: Citrus, cocoa and juicy oranges
Finish: Milk chocolate sweetness with the spiciness of
White pepper.
A Signature drink: Great to discover pure, but
also in the mix or in a cocktail.

Akkeshi Distillery - The Akkeshi Usui 24 Solar term series 48% NV

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