The Milk & Honey Distillery Specially Bottled for the Duchess Single Cask 2019-1907 59.1% 2019

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85,73 (in Vat)
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Distillery Milk & Honey
Bottler OB
Bottled for The Duchess
Distilled date 18.04.2019
Bottling date 07.08.2022
Country Israel
Region Tel Aviv
Age 3
Cask Type Ex Duchess Caroni Rum Cask
Cask Number 2019-1907
Alcohol percentage 59.1
Volume 0,70
Condition In original container
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

Serge Valentin (85)

So some secret love between Israel and Trinidad & Tobago. Contrarily to what many lazy minds believe, this is becoming a better world; remember it's always true if you believe it (Costanza's law). Colour: straw. Nose: roots, fresh woods, turnips, acacia wood, gentian, spent engine oil, black soap… Boy is this dry! With water: sameish, with some fresh butter, ink, tar, celeriac, artichoke, linoleum… Boy does this remain dry! Mouth (neat): peat and benzine, lime, gherkins, heavy tar… We've known Port Ellens that used to be a bit like this, seriously. With water: and there, lemons (hurray), grapefruits (hurray), eggplants (hurray – hold on…) Nah it's still dry but the tar is perfect. Please add any waters parsimoniously. Finish: very long, salty, peaty, with good tight lemon and a drop of engine oil. A little drying then (strong green tea). Comments: it's all happened on the palate, which is not that common in my book. Don't nose it, just drink it. Almost no sweetness at all, we'll all get a break as we say in France.

BOW (89)

Milk & Honey Ex Caroni Rum Cask: A Captivating Collaboration

In 2019, The Duchess released a 21-year-old Caroni rum, leaving an empty cask in its wake. Recognizing the potential of this cask, Tel Aviv distillery Milk & Honey wasted no time in reaching out. After a few exchanged emails, an agreement was reached: the ex-Caroni cask would be repurposed to age their new make single malt spirit.

Fast forward to late 2022 when Milk & Honey's head distiller, Tomer Goren, contacted The Duchess again with an unequivocal message: "I shouldn't wait any longer, it's perfect now!" And so, we are now presented with this exclusive limited release from M&H distillery, specially crafted for the Dutch market. Aged in an ex-Caroni cask, only 166 bottles have been filled at cask strength. Make sure to secure this highly limited bottle to add to your collection.


The combination of an exceptional rum cask, the expertise of the Milk & Honey distillery, and the rapid aging process due to the hot climate has resulted in something truly beautiful. This limited release transcends the realm of your average whisky, offering a magnificent fusion of precisely the right elements.

Nose: Upon the first nosing of the dram, the fruity character of the spirit bursts forth. Ripe bananas and mangoes dance alongside fresh white pear, while notes of peaches and apricots join the symphony of white fruits. Delightful biscuits and yogurt intermingle with a sweet touch of honeycomb, creating a playful aroma.

Taste: The prominent fruitiness harmoniously intertwines with the Caroni rum cask, resulting in a well-balanced dram. The palate reveals the sweetness of Shamouti blood oranges, honeycomb, and more white pears. Playful spices, such as white pepper, add depth, while a subtle hint of rubber—oh, the distinctive Caroni rubber—perfectly integrates into the dram. With a little time to breathe, the whisky also offers a hint of macadamia nuts.

Finish: The journey concludes with a pleasingly long finish, in which the flavors of almonds and nutmeg blend with a touch of butterscotch.

Throughout the tasting experience, it becomes evident that this lovely dram is impeccably balanced in both aroma and flavor. The influence of the rum cask is discernible throughout, and the addition of blood orange notes adds an irresistible touch. The Milk & Honey Ex Caroni Rum Cask is truly a captivating collaboration that showcases the artistry and skill of both distilleries involved.

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