Providence 3 Years Old Pure Haitan Single Rum 52% 2019

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88,33 (in Vat)
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Distillery Distillerie de Port-au-Prince
Bottler Velier
Serie Providence
Bottled for
Distilled date 2019
Bottling date 2022
Country Haiti
Region Haiti
Age 3
Cask Type
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 52
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Box
Label Perfect

Providence Haitian Rum
By combining crystalline sugarcane and the juice of Michel Sajous with the distillation expertise of Gianni Capovilla, Providence produces unique and high-quality rums. At the heart of the rum-making process is the desire to create natural and traditional products from the living legend in the rum world, Luca Gargano.

3-year-old Providence Single Rum
Following the release of the first two white rums from Distillerie de Port-au-Prince, "First Drops" and "Dunder & Syrup," the first aged Providence rum has been unveiled. Aged in ex-Caroni casks, this version initially reveals aromas and flavors of sugarcane juice that highlight the quality of a very pure distillate. As it matures, the aroma and flavor palette become more sophisticated, underscored by the oriental and praline character of the finish.

Tasting Notes
• Nose: Rich and concentrated. Very syrupy, with notes of geranium, lime blossom, and flambéed banana.
• Palate: Lively and spicy. Fresh, exotic (roasted pineapple), spicy, and with vegetal sugarcane juice.
• Finish: Long and silky. Rose petals, Turkish delight, pastries, wood, tobacco, and roasted notes.

Providence - 3 Years Old Pure Haitan Single Rum 52% 2019

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