The Lakes Distillery Equinox 46.6% NV

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The Lakes Distillery Equinox 46.6% Damaged Box NV

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Distillery The Lakes Distillery
Bottler OB
Serie Whisky maker's edition Equinox
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Distilled date Not Specified
Bottling date 07.07.2023
Country England
Region England
Cask Type Oloroso & Moscatel
Cask Number Bottlecode: L 07 07 23
Alcohol percentage 46.6
Volume 0,70
Condition In original container
Label Perfect
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Volume 0,70
Condition No original container included
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The Lakes Equinox 46.6%: A Harmonious Blend of Seasons in a Bottle

Step into the world of The Lakes Equinox 46.6% Bottled on 07.07.2023, a masterpiece within the Whiskymaker's Edition Equinox series. This exceptional whisky, crafted with precision and care, embodies the essence of the delicate balance between a lively summer and the promise of a crisp, amber-hued autumn morning. A true celebration of equilibrium, change, and introspection, Equinox is a journey through the seasons captured in a bottle.

Inspiration Behind Equinox:

Drawing inspiration from the lingering twilight that marks the transition between seasons, Equinox pays homage to the beauty found in the often-overlooked moments of life. It serves as a celebration of balance, change, and reflection, encapsulating the essence of a moment caught between the vibrancy of summer and the anticipation of an autumnal transformation.

Flavorful Symphony:

The whisky opens up a world of rich and vibrant flavors, each sip unveiling the often-missed beauty that unites more conspicuous states of being. Like an elegant symphony, Equinox harmoniously blends floral tones, fruitiness, and sustainable herbs to create a sensory experience that captivates the palate.

The liquid, light as a summer sunset and golden as the changing leaves, introduces itself with a bright burst of flavor. Fresh apricots and orange blossom dance on the taste buds, offering a fragrant toast to the fading summer. As the journey continues, the whisky seamlessly transitions into the coming autumn with the warmth of apple pie, orchard fruits, and sweet spices.

A Toast to the Seasons:

Equinox is not merely a whisky; it is a celebration of the delicate balance that exists in every aspect of life. The choice of cask types, Oloroso and Moscatel, reflects a meticulous attention to detail, creating a blend that mirrors the equilibrium between two distinct seasons.

This limited edition release invites whisky enthusiasts to savor the nuance of each note, from the floral and fruity tones that evoke the vibrancy of summer to the earthy and spiced undertones that herald the arrival of fall. It is a poetic expression of the changing seasons, encapsulated in a bottle for discerning palates to appreciate.


The Lakes Equinox 46.6% Bottled on 07.07.2023 is a testament to the artistry of whisky-making, capturing the essence of the ever-shifting seasons. As you raise your glass to this Whiskymaker's Edition Equinox, you embark on a sensory journey that transcends time and seasons—a celebration of balance, change, and reflection in every drop. Cheers to The Lakes for creating a symphony of flavors that pays homage to the beauty found in the transitions of life.

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