Blind Tasting Competition

Blind Tasting Competition

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Whisky fans all over the world have been looking forward to the annual whisky blind tasting competition for several years now. In 14 consecutive days, whisky fans are asked to give their best guess of the whisky they blindly taste. The results are processed daily in a ranking in which spectacular shifts are the rule rather than the exception. Many well-known whisky tasters have participated in recent years and even more whisky amateurs have discovered their talent for analyzing whisky. The Blind Tasting Competition is not only a challenge, but also a journey of discovery into one's own tastes and preferences due to the very specifically selected mix of whiskies that are tasted during the competition. In addition, it offers the opportunity to taste exclusive and non-regular whiskies. In recent years, the Feis Isle, vintage Glen Fagler and cask ends from Cadenhead have been part of the tasting.

How does it work?

The Blind Tasting Competition sample box contains 14 whisky samples, numbered 1 to 14 and can be purchased on the Best of Wines website. The competition will start on November 1, which means that sample number 1 must be tasted and analyzed on November 1 before 22:00 CET. Each participant can indicate the following under his or her name: distillery, region of origin, age and alcohol percentage. After 22:00 CET, the registration of the sample closes and it will be announced which bottle it concerns. Based on the answers, participants receive points and the rankings are announced.

How do I participate?

Go to Best of Whiskies and order the sample box. An account is automatically created with the order. After completing the order, an extra button will be added to the account page that gives access to the Blind Tasting Competition. And that's it!

For those who prefer not to participate under their own name, there is the possibility to participate under a nickname.

What are the costs?

Exclusive and special whiskies are collected for six months as part of the Blind Tasting Competition. You will certainly not find the 'normal' whiskies. Thanks to our good contacts in combination with sponsoring, we have been able to keep the costs for the sample box very limited. The price for 14 samples is 40 euros, excluding VAT and transport.

Are there any prizes?

Yes, the eternal fame of participating in the Blind Tasting Competition. And for the 3 participants with the highest score .....

For participants: about the competition

All samples are Scotch single malt whiskies

- Consecutive samples will never come from the same region
- Each region occurs at least once during the competition
- The minimum alcohol percentage is 43%

The following information must be entered (via dropdown box):

- The distillery (40 points)
- The region (20 points)
- The age (max 20 points, 10 points deduction for each year difference)
- Alcohol percentage (20 points, 1 point deducted for every 0.1% difference)
- The rating of the whisky. No points can be earned here but is shown to determine the best whisky in the competition according to the participants. 

Blind Tasting Competition

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Blind Tasting Competition

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