Enmore The Duchess 28 Years Old Guyana Versailles Pot still Cask 49 54.9% 1990

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Distillery Enmore
Bottler The Duchess
Bottled for X
Distilled date 1990
Bottling date 2019
Country Guyana
Region Guyana
Age 28
Cask Type Bourbon Cask
Cask Number 49
Alcohol percentage 54.9
Volume 0,70
Condition In original container
Label Perfect
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Professional reviews

Serge Valentin (89)

This old rum from Enmore’s Versailles wooden pot still. The Duchess is an excellent little house, wondering if that duchess had her habits at the court of the Louis XIV, in Versailles. Not really.

Colour: straw. It’s glorious to be able to have some nearly-30 years old rum that remained close to the original distillate, is it not.

Nose: it’s very delicate, soft, flowery (lilies), with tiny spices, herbs and meadow flowers. Caraway flowers, woodruff, honeysuckle, elderflowers… It’s almost embroidery, or lace. With water: plasticine, balsa wood, one olive.

Mouth (neat): so good! Once again it’s pretty subtle, with more tiny herbs and ‘stuff’, pine needles, a touch of liquorice, some cake that got a bit burnt, some pear purée or compote, and just a little tar and lemons. A hint of sea salt. With water: lemon, olive and brine up.

Finish: rather long, still on lemon, olive and brine, plus a little tar and plasticine.

Comments: sure it does not feel like it’s 28, rather 15, but no problems at all, time added a few subtleties that would just justify this extended European maturation. Sounds like I’m talking about the E.U., does it not. Lovable rum, bordering 90.

Words of Whisky (87)


Developed in 1990 at Enmore estate in Guyana, this juice is the result of a distillation in one of the last 3 wood stills in the world, the famous still Versailles.

Located now at the Diamond Distillery, this still has gone through the centuries and is a true cult piece, as well as the Port Mourant and Enmore’s wooden column.

Aged 28 years in bourbon casks, I hope that time will have mitigated this typical woody bitterness with which I have so much trouble …


Buttered, fruity with apple, pear and a side glue / delicate solvent. I also find yellow flowers, a hint of violet and a little bit of woody bitterness, not too disturbing but present.

It is rather charming and fragrant … a delicate nose and quite fine.

“Versailles alert”, we are clearly in what we can expect from a continental Versailles without adding molasses …

Again, the years seem to have smoothed, polished the spirit that is pretty classy. It is buttered, oily, vanilla, fruity with a hint of almond that can give the impression of frangipane, herbaceous.

The origin of the fruit is more to look for the orchards than the tropics, it’s quite fresh and pleasant with some apple, cassis and peer. Some spices of which a slightly peppery aspect is to note, it is rather end.

The wood is present but not too much, just a small hint of metallic bitterness at the end of the mouth but without being predominant.

A beautiful expression of an old Demerara aged on our beautiful Europe for almost 3 decades … the price will necessarily pair unfortunately.

But this rum is rather fine and classy.

BOW (91)

This 28 year old Guyana rum is the last of the Duchess Flower series.

It's distilled int the legendary Versailles Wooden Pot still.

- No Additives
- No Clouring
- 100% Molasses

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