The Vega at dinner

The Vega at dinner

On a beautiful evening in the heart of Amsterdam we had a winemakers’ dinner in Restaurant Bougainville, with Don Pablo Alvarez from Vega Sicilia. He has expanded his family of wine companies. ##

He founded Alion, a modern-style Ribera a few miles down the road from Vega Sicilia, Pintia, in what had been the little-known Toro region about 60 miles to the west; Macán, a joint venture with Benjamin de Rothschild in Rioja, Spain’s premier wine region; and 25 years ago he bought the neglected Tokaj winery and started the Oremus Winery.


After a short introduction from him we started the evening with some amuses paired with a magnum Oremus Mandolas 2015: a gentle, dry wine from the Furmint grape. The theme of the evening was not just Wine & Food, but more of a pleasant moment to talk and enjoy the Good Things of life.


The highlights of the evening were the Vega Sicillia Unico 2005 and the Reserva Especiale 91-94-99.


Vega Sicillia Unico 2005

The Unico was young, full-bodied, with a nose of blackcurrant and blueberries, in the taste there were herbs, herbs, and herbs, wood, nuts and forest fruit. Overall a very complex wine with nice young tannins, which will soften beautifully in the years to come.  BOW 9


Vega Sicillia Reserva Especiale 91-94-99

This combination was the winner of the evening, especially with a dish created with original Japanese Wagyu, by Chef Tim Golsteijn. A lovely brown colour with hints of orange, a bouquet of cherries, Burgundy-style medium heavy and ripe soft tannins, which were just as soft as the meat. A fantastic combination. BOW 8.5


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