Tasting the Port Ellen 37 years Old Goren’s whisky

Tasting the Port Ellen 37 years Old Goren’s whisky

Goren’s Whisky is an independent bottler from the state of Israel, founded by a familiar name in the whisky industry, Tomer Goren. Tomer is well-known as head distiller for the Milk & Honey Distillery in Tel-Aviv ##

Having learned the tricks of the trade at distilleries in Scotland, not only is he head distiller of the Milk and Honey distillery, he also organizes the Whisky Live Tel-Aviv whisky show. He is truly passionate about whisky, and above all, a likeable and humble guy. I’ve met him a few years ago at the Feis Ile Festival in Scotland, and we’ve built a great friendship since. We look each other up every now and then and it’s always a pleasure.

Tomer is a guy who loves his drinks. Not only is he the head distiller for Milk & Honey, he also makes a great gin, and brews his own beer, HaDictator. I got to taste a few, and I love his experimental take. Very enjoyable. If you ever spot them, be sure to give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

After this bit of introduction, just one thing I have to make clear: I’m not going to rate Tomer higher just because we’re friends. To be honest, I don’t make exceptions at all. A dram is a dram, and I strictly base my ratings on nosing and tasting.

That being said, let’s move on to tasting this baby! This Port Ellen was originally released for the Whisky Live Tel-Aviv whisky show earlier this year. So this dram should be great! First appearance is a deep golden color.


Lightly peated, not overwhelming at all. Some herbs like laurel. Butterscotch and creaminess. Somewhat like drink yoghurt like (in a very good way). It does have those wood tones, but not too much. Maybe more like walnuts. Some ripe yellow fruit and pear drops.


Is there an oomph factor? Yes, there is! We, the Dutch, love our licorice and this baby has some. Again the laurel and shortbread. Again that slightly peated character, fairly enjoyable. Maybe a little briny tone? Yes, brine it is.


To me, Port Ellen is always greatness in its finish. This has a long licorice finish with brininess. Fairly enjoyable.

Balance and Complexity:

Well balanced and I love the complex tones of this Port Ellen a lot. Like I said, I love licorice. This is definitely my kind of dram.


I tasted quite a few Port Ellens in my time. And actually I like this one a lot better than the distillery edition. That’s not only pricewise. This dram has way more complexity. It reminded me of an old school Van Wees Ultimate Port Ellen bottling due to its funkiness… yet this Port Ellen is way older.

I enjoyed this dram very much. You don’t get to taste a 37 years old Port Ellen every day of the week…. This one makes me wish I could!



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