Tasting Ninot et Fils Meursault

Tasting Ninot et Fils Meursault

Every once in a while we try something completely different from our diet of red Bordeaux or red Burgundy wines. In this case we opened a bottle of Meursault les Narveaux from the vinter Christian Ninot sold at only €29,- (ex VAT). ##

From the moment the cork was out, the full bouquet of the wine filled the room. Hints of mango, vanilla, orange peel and pineapple made the nosing a real pleasure. The wine shows a great balance between hints of vanilla and the freshness of both lemon and orange.

In the mouth the wine keeps a honeyed texture and subtle hints of hazelnut start to develop. The wine remains suprisingly fresh, due to the notes of pineapple and again the citrus. The finish is long and smokey, but not too intense. 

The accessible character makes this wine extremely suitable for a somewhat more luxurious afternoon drink. An absolutely stunning Meursault from Ninot. Undoubtedly the wine I will serve on my next birthday. 

Blog by Paul