Prestigious award for Bertinga winery

Prestigious award for Bertinga winery

The Tuscan Winery Bertinga has been awarded as BEST EMERGENT PRODUCER 2022.

This prestigious award is hosted by the Guida Essenziale ai Vini d’Italia 2022 (Essential Guidebook of Italian Wines), that is curated by ‘Doctor Wine’ Daniel Cernilli. Cernilli is an internationally known wine critic and co-founder of the Gambero Rosso.

Moreover, Bertinga 2016, Punta di Adine 2016 and the estate's top cuvée Volta di Bertinga 2016 all received high scores by this prestigious Italian wine platform.

High quality, terroir-driven Super Tuscans

Bertinga has only been on the wine market since 2015. Luca Vitiello worked for many years at the Fanti winery, but finally decided to go for his own adventure and founded Bertinga in the village of Gaiole, in the heart of the Chianti region. Bertinga’s uncompromising dedication to quality is propelling the brand to secure a place in the history of Tuscan wine.

Bertinga's focus is on producing single vineyard wines and Super Tuscans. The vineyards are 100% organically farmed. The soil consists of the famous Italian Alberese soil. This type of soil consists of a combination of marl and calcareous shale. This soil provides grapes with a good balance of ripeness and minerality. Luca works with two grape varieties: Sangiovese and Merlot.

The grapes are taken in by hand and immediately selected on the sorting table. Fermentation takes place in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks or cement vats. A total of four red wines come from the Bertinga cellars, these are Sassi Chiusi, Bertinga, Punta di Adine and Volta di Bertinga. The last three are matured in oak, on both French oak and Austrian oak. This maturation period lasts for 18 months for each cuvée. After bottling, the wines are aged in the bottle for another 18 months in the special aging cellar, before being released. The first production was made up of about 55,000 bottles and a small edition of magnums and jeroboams.

A few lines from the jury report

‘A truly great beginning for the winery Bertinga owned by Maxim Kashirin and Anatoly Korneev. The vineyards, purchased in 2015, are located in different areas wthin the territory of Gaiole in Chianti, all with different soils and elevations up to 520 meters above sea level. The wines are showing a strong personality and impeccably crafted. And this is just the beginning. A winery worth keeping an eye on.’

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