Petrus - always top of the bill?

Petrus - always top of the bill?

Everybody has its preferences. And every winelover knows the rule – you better drink a good wine from a top vintage than one of the extraordinary wines from an average vintage.


Bordeaux 1999 can be regarded as a classic vintage, a synonym for a good but not excellent vintage. We have drunk almost all Petrus vintages and there are of course some disappointments (1977, 1984) but on the whole, Petrus always surprises at least. In most cases it overperforms : a very high percentge of wine lovers have a Petrus in their top 5-10 ever.

We didn’t expect too much of the Petrus 1999. We drunk this fine Pomerol besides an Ausone 2005. Summary? The Petrus was our favorite (but also because the Ausone will improve in about 5 years). Deep purple/red colored, massive red cherries, peppers, tabacco, some coffee (with milk). Burgundy texture, but so intense. Of course not as good as 1998 or 2000, but for such a vintage an incredible effort. We were astonished by the concentration, elegancy and balance. At it’s best now and will keep this level for at least another 10 years. BOW 9.5.

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