Old School Macallan

Old School Macallan

Tasting the Macallan 12 years Old 40% Sherry Oak Casks from Jerez ‘90’s bottle.

I love Macallan, the Rolls Royce of single malts. I especially appreciate the old stuff, as I’m a sucker for old school drams from back in the day ## – well before a multi-million dollar investment turned the place into a veritable Wonka-esque theme park with a visitor center offering a “unique glimpse” into the premises, receiving hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.

Opening one of those antique bottles is a special moment, that makes my whisky lovers heart pound in my chest. It’s passion! So here’s my take on this lovely dram.


Yes, sherry baby…what a sherry bomb. Amontillado sherry, oranges (more like tangerines), plums, and apricot marmalade. I’m detecting some pear… my colleague Paul would suggest pear drops at this point, I know that for sure. I’m a sucker for those keynotes. Due to its aging there are some nice woody tones too, almost spicy. Yes, I said almost!


Nice, gentle and superb due to its creamy notes. Blackcurrants and forest fruit. Is there some chocolate… yet there is. Some pear in the background and oak notes!


Nice and gentle, with a lingeringly long finish that keeps its warmth and seems to go on forever. That apricot marmalade I mentioned earlier is now on the foreground.

Balance and complexity:

The nose and the taste are extremely well balanced. In terms of complexity, it’s the marmalade that makes the dram!


A lovely old school dram. They don’t make them like these anymore, sadly. I guess the late nineties really were an end of an era. The availability is getting rarer by the day. It was nice to re-taste this again.

90/100 points in my book. Well deserved!


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