Mouton Rothschild blanc – Aile d’Argent

Mouton Rothschild blanc – Aile d’Argent

We just received a nice parcel of white Bordeaux. My eye fell on the 4 cases of Aile D’Argent, the white wine from Chateau Mouton Rothschild. ##

It’s not a wine you see often or that comes to mind when thinking “what shall we drink today?”, and that is somehow odd. With most vintages, this wine is a real treat as well as a surprise!

For a white Pauillac it is a remarkable effort and the price quality is very good. The 2012 shows mid yellow colour with some light green elements. Its bouquet is concentrated with vanilla, fat, peaches (cooked), some mint, and tropical fruit. The wine was surprisingly well balanced, and surely gave the full Best of Wines team a satisfactory smile.

The Aile d'Argent most definitely is a wine to keep in mind when wondering "what to drink today".

BOW 7.5


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