Full Grange

Full Grange

One of the first “new” Granges


Penfolds Grange has always been one of my favourite wines. Especially the wines before 1995. The alcohol percentage increased from that year on, which changed the character of the wine slightly – to my opinion, that is. The older Grange wines could sometimes easily be mistaken for a European Shira. ##

This 1996 has an alcohol percentage of over 14 % and this makes the wine “warmer” than previous vintages. Despite the new style, this 1996 still has the features you expect from a Grange. A really big wine, concentrated with peppers, spices, lots of fruit, smoke, meat. Aside from this explosion, the wine is still very nicely balanced.

The Grange 1996 was very enjoyable and it was a beautiful finishing wine of an evening with among others Cheval Blanc 1985 and Haut Brion 1995. BOW 8+


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