Dessert deserves Sauternes

Dessert deserves Sauternes

Exceptional Dessert

Every course in a great dinner deserves an equally great wine, and dessert is no exception. Especially when the whole team goes out for dinner! Last week, we had a table at the Michelin star restaurant “Tante Koosje” in the charming town of Loenen aan de Vecht. ##

The chef, Roland Veldhuijzen, enticed our palates with dish after dish, and each time the level was raised even higher with the right wine. Then came dessert, and what better way to enhance the experience than with a Sauternes? When the Chateau Rieussec 2006 was brought out, our eyes were treated to a golden yellow. The sweet bouquet of fleshy, fruity notes was already competing with the tanginess of the cheese selection placed in front of us.

For the Sauternes, 2006 was a challenging year. Although the temperatures were a favourable transition from hot to cool, there was some bad rot and a very narrow window for harvest, weather-wise. The grapes were soaked in sunlight in July, and treated a cooler breeze in August, but the harvest was troubled by heavy rains, resulting in a smaller yield.

The concentration of sugars from the sunny periods was excellently preserved in the taste, and a very pleasant mild acidity was retained as well. The finish was lush, creamy, and long; a perfect companion to both cheese and sweet desserts.

BOW: 7.5


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