A little taste of history - Cos d'Estournel 1955

A little taste of history - Cos d'Estournel 1955

Cos d’Estournel 1955

When we purchase wines from private collections, we always make sure the provenance is impeccable. To ensure this two things are of the utmost importance. First of all, we need to be sure that the wines have been stored in a climate controlled environment… ##

Another part that should be tested – and quite thoroughly in my opinion – is the quality of the wines by occasionally opening a bottle. This is far from the worst part of the job, but an absolute necessity.

In preforming these “obligations” we get the chance to drink some very special wines. Last week this was a Cos d’Estournel 1955 from the Nicolas cellar, which was proof once more of the high quality wines coming out of there.

The Vintage

1955 was a beautiful vintage for the Bordeaux. Both the left and the right bank had favourable conditions, a hot and dry summer with some rains in the end to help reach the precise level of ripeness. Though the 1955 doesn’t have the legendary status of either the 1959 or 1961, it is still an amazing vintage with stunning wines. Due to the hot summer, the vintage can offer wines that are still good to drink.

The Wine

Though a little rusty due to the 63 years of maturing, the wine still contained a nice deep ruby colour. The nose was remarkably fresh still, exhibiting a wonderful palate of black fruits, some phenolic notes in there as well, and a feeling as if walking through the forest after a rainy day. After some time of breathing more blackcurrants and cassis. The mouth doesn’t fall behind on the nose at all. I’ve always been a great fan of aged Bordeaux wines and also the Cos 1955 offered the deep, slightly sweet tones of blueberry jam. Besides the fruitiness we found a lot of earthy notes, as well as a nice acidity from cranberries. Also the finish was surprisingly fresh, though not as firm and lingering as you might expect.

Though this wine was well past its prime, still the Cos d’Estournel displayed the power of the vintage. An absolute treat for the enthusiasts of aged Bordeaux wines. BOW: 8.5


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