A bourgogne for a bourguignon

A bourgogne for a bourguignon

Gerard Mugneret Echezeaux 1988


This bottle has been in my cellar for years. I don’t know how many times I have taken it out, only to put it back again. It has been in my cellar for so long, that I can’t even remember where I got it. ##

We were having Bœuf Bourguignon, and finally the moment had come to take it out. The cork was still intact, and the next thing I noticed was that the wine was still closed. So much so that I chose to decant it. This Echezeaux is extremely tannic, but it has concentrated herbs, dried blackberries and floral tones in the nose. This is a relatively muscular, old-style burgundy, which pairs well with the intense flavours of the tender meat and stewed onions. They hardly make this style of wines anymore, but if you love them–as I do–they’re still out there at reasonable prices.

Even by the last glass, this wine was still convincing, giving you the idea that it will keep developing, and can be kept for at least another ten years. I still have a case of Gerard Mugneret Echezeaux 1993 here, and I will keep you informed!



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