Selling bottles through auctions

There are a number of (online) auction houses operating in Europe that specialise in wines and whiskies. Such houses usually offer a taxation with a minimum price and generally an overestimated maximum price. Auction houses tend to be very optimistic about the expected profit. These overly high estimates are rarely achieved, with outliers even more so. To the contrary, most auctioned lots are sold at the low end of the spectrum. Add to this the commissions payable to the auction house or intermediary. It often happens that buyers also need to pay a commission, which results in a bottle price even lower than regular prices.

Therefore, if you offer wines or whiskies for sale at auctions, there can be no guaranteed result. Furthermore, not all bottles offered may even be sold. Less popular bottles may end up staying behind in your cellar, uncertain if they will be sold at all. To sum up, selling bottles at auctions can end in great deception.

Best of Wines agrees to take over your complete cellar or collection if possible. This means you do not end up with any ‘remainder’ in your storage. Payment guaranteed, so to speak.

Auctions depend on spur of the moment decisions, need to reach the right clients, and these clients have to be present and available (either online or in person) at the right time. Many potential buyers are therefore missed. This of course has negative impact on the final bid. Our sales platform however has a steady day-to-day reach in a worldwide network of hotels, restaurants, and wine lovers, greatly increasing the chance of finding the right buyer and the right price.

Apart from not being sure how much profit the auction will generate, there can often be months between delivering your wines, the auction itself, and receiving the final payment. We, however, guarantee an immediate pay-out.

Best of Wines positions itself as a perfect alternative to the many wine auctions. .