Wines from Crasto


Quinta do Crasto is located in the Douro and has been owned by the Roquette family for over a century. Its name comes from the Latin word "castrum," meaning "Roman fort," and it has a rich history that dates back to ancient times. In 1615, records show that Quinta do Crasto was already producing wine.

In the mid-18th century, the Marquis of Pombal ordered the installation of stone markers to lay out a specific area for wine making. It became the first Demarcated Region in the world. One of these granite markers (from 1758) is still present near the century-old farmhouse of Quinta do Crasto.

At the start of the 20th century Quinta do Crasto was acquired by Constantino de Almeida (founder of Constantino, a famous Portugese wine house), which specialized in the production of Port wine and brandy. After his death in 1923, his son Fernando Moreira d’Almeida continued the production of high-quality Port wine.

Fernando Moreira d’Almeida's daughter, Leonor Roquette, and her husband Jorge Roquette became the managers of Quinta do Crasto in 1981. They began renovating and expanding the vineyards and started producing the wines that the estate is now famous for wordwide. Today, they are the fourth generation of the family who is responsible for this renowned estate.

Quinta do Crasto produces white and red Douro wines, Port wines and Olive oils. The focus is on premium products. The most famous wines are the premium red wines: Tinta Roriz, Vinha Maria Teresa, Vinha da Ponte, Touriga Nacional. Without exception these wines are highly appreciated by winelovers worldwide and professional wine reviewers.

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