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Transcontinential Rum Line Panama Mysterious Distillery Limited Edition Batch #3 43% 2010

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Mysterious Distillery Somewhere in Panama


Transcontinential Rum Line

Serie Transcontinential Rum Line
Bottled for La Maison Du Whisky
Distilled date 01.2010
Bottling date 2017
Country Panama


Age 7
Cask Type X
Cask Number Batch 3
Alcohol percentage 43
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Carton
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Distilled on January 2010, this version was aged first in a tropical climate until May 2016 and then for more than a year in a continental climate. A subtle blend of freshness and maturity, this panama proudly asserts it numerous about-turns. One of the most radical and spectacular appears during the transition from the nose to the palate. Whilst developing in an incredibly tertiary register (marmalade), out of the blue, spices, chillies and a particular present medicinal note appear. With its rollercoasters the star attraction, it couldn’t be more charming.

Profile: the unctuous initial nose wavers between exotic fruit, spice and green liquorice. Allowed to breathe, it reveals notes of honey and vanilla. Gradually it becomes increasingly mature. The lively attack is hot and medicinal (balm). Next, ripe fruits release their sweet juices onto the tongue and coconut milk coats the sides of the palate. The finish is heady, exotic, vanilla and mentholated.

Panama Mysterious Distillery Limited Edition Batch #3 43%