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Day 6: Glen Garioch

Bottler Michiel Wigman
Serie They Inspired III Whisky Icons
Bottled for The Netherlands
Distilled date 10.2011
Bottling date 03.2022
Country Scotland
Region Highlands
Age 10
Cask Type Bourbon Cask
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 53.4
Volume 0,70

This whisky was rated 78.3 points on average by all participants

Tasting note by your BTC host and whisky specialist Nils van Rijn

O’ Deer, Mother dear!

Michiel Wigman is close friend of ours that we have known for decades in the whisky trade. Michiel knows his drams, and his series and cask selections are all according to his personal taste and style he likes most. This style we keep finding back in his bottlings is that eighties style dram that aged on bourbon. These kind of drams are becomming harder and harder to find, but Michiel knows where to find these hidden gems. We are happy that we are one of the distributors for this wonderful line of whisky. Packed with flavors, this Glen Garioch is one of those eighties style bourbon matured whiskies we just talked about. Character-wise, this is a little tea-ish and “green” as in herbal and spirity. There are slight similarities to Glen Moray, which would have fit the guess, but that is just a part of all that makes the profile of Glen Garioch distillery. An incredible achievement if you guessed it correctly.

Apart from the green and herbal notes, this whisky displays fresh lemon and caramel, bananas and bourbon flavours. A technical dram for nerds. In former years it were these kind of drams that really ended up being a game changer and we wouldn't be surprised if this whisky has also changed the leaderboard's appearance.

Perhaps a nice fact about Glen Garioch, this is one of Scotland’s oldest still operating distilleries.

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