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Ardbeg Auriverdes Gold Limited Edition 49.9% NV

Auriverdes Gold Limited Edition 49.9%
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Serie Auriverdes
Bottled for Journalists for review purposes only!
Distilled date NV
Bottling date 2014
Country Scotland


Age Not Specified
Cask Type X
Cask Number
Alcohol percentage 49.9
Volume 0,70
Condition Perfect
Stock 0

A very rare bottle, this Auriverdes was never made available to the public, it was only given to Journalists, Bloggers and Distillery Ambassadors before the official release at the end of May 2014.

The Auriverdes (Auri = Gold and Verdes = Green) is named after the Brazilian sports teams colours whilst also referring to Ardbeg's iconic green bottle and the 'golden' whisky inside.

Serge Valentin (84)

Colour: pale gold. Nose: same whisky, with an extra-layer of oak. I have to say this seems to work pretty well, because it’s not coconutty oak, rather burnt chips and even charcoal. Also wee notes of ripe bananas. Other than that, same combination of mercurochrome, bandages, grass and earth. With water: some marzipan coming out, café latte, custard… And not much peat either. Mouth (neat): definitely ‘modern’, in the sense that the first flavour you get is that of new oak. Grated nutmeg, ginger, strong black tea, cinnamon. And then more new-Ardbeg goodness, lemon, salt, pepper, ashes, grapefruits… Especially the saltiness is very obvious – and pleasant. With water: same. The oak’s spiciness is in the front row. Finish: quite long, on oaky pepper and ashes. Salt and lemon in the aftertaste. An alternative to a tequila shot? Comments: indeed I do prefer less new oak in my whisky, but I would not cry with the wolves. I find this Auriverdes very all right

Gal Granov (88)

Nose: Sweet and spicy with cinnamon gum , some pine resin, hints of mocha cappuccino ( Note: I often ponder if my tasting notes are affected by the PR blabber i read sometimes, having read this one’s PR previously I knew it was to be expected, but I swear I did find notes of that myself) Lemon. Ash and tar. Rather creamy and some vanilla too.

Palate: Nom. Lovely sweet smoky bacon with bitter espresso and ash. Ardbeg DNA no doubt here, very distinguishable.Also quite medicinal & spicy and savoury with some dark 80% chocolate sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon powder.

Finish: Very long. Smoky chocolates , and also very dry. Ash and soot.

BOW (89)

3.7 stars - 3 professional reviews
Auriverdes Gold Limited Edition 49.9%


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