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Transcontinential Rum Line Panama Mysterious Distillery Limited Edition Batch #2 43% 2010

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Mysterious Distillery Somewhere in Panama


Transcontinential Rum Line

Serie Transcontinential Rum Line
Bottled for La Maison Du Whisky
Distilled date 2010
Bottling date 2017
Country Panama


Age 7
Cask Type X
Cask Number Batch 2
Alcohol percentage 43
Volume 0,70
Condition In Original Carton
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To appreciate the full originality of this 6-year-old version, you really need to breathe in the aromas of the empty glass at length, allowing the extent of its olfactory and gustatory childhood memories, fragments of family meals, to rise to the surface. Conscious of sticking as closely as possible to the sugar cane, it manages to show an incisive sense of timing, striking at the very end of the palate to offer up a thrilling finish full of vitality and freshness that often wanders off-course.

Profile: the nose is gourmand, meandering from citrus fruit to candied apricot before the sugar cane pushes ahead to take over. Sunny, it develops into dried fruit. Long and streamlined, the palate is milky more than anything. It incisively expands its hot, spicy temperament. This finish is very warm, yet simultaneously blessed with great gourmand freshness.

Panama Mysterious Distillery Limited Edition Batch #2 43%